Specific Solutions


The WWF states that if we continue at the current water consumption rate, water scarcity will only get worse. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages, and ecosystems worldwide will suffer even more.

Currently we are active in providing solutions to various regions and countries experiencing difficulties in producing clean, healthy drinking water in a safe and reliable way. We offer short term solutions and long term sustainable solutions. We can produce clean and healthy drinking water on almost any location in a safe and reliable way. We are convinced, that we will contribute immensely to resolving drinking water scarcities worldwide. Additionally, with the establishment of a waste energy plant we can aid the improvement of sanitation and remove existing landfills and manage new waste streams. Furthermore, we offer innovative ways of handling livestock. With our system, the cows will be able to produce about 25 liters of milk each day. By doing this we will contribute to solving food deficiency. Surely this is an innovative step you must be part of?


HEPC Mobile Water Treatment Unit

HEPC offers an effective solution in standalone mobile water treatment units. These units are able to treat water from different water sources such as lakes, rivers, wells and oceans. Particularly the latter is a huge improvement as the sea and the ocean can deliver a unlimited supply of water without damaging the ecosystem.


Mobile Water Treatment Unit



Specification and Requirements

The unit is fully integrated and isolated standalone water treatment unit with a generator in a 40 feet container with a PU waterproof floor. One unit produces 320 m3 per day. To treat the water, the unit needs special minerals and chemicals. The supply of energy, minerals and chemicals is included in the monthly fee. One unit requires approximately 50 M2, that is levelled, provided by the lessee.

Additionally, a nearby facility for the untreated water in a sufficient manner is required. A facility to process the brine or treated waste water must also be provided. In the case of creating a well, there will be an extra fee for the costs of realizing this, or it has to be on the customer’s account.


This offer will be offered as a full operational lease offer for 10 years with an option to extend. The fee per month is € 27,000. - (excl. VAT) per unit. Once a contract is signed, a 4 monthly installments must be paid up front within 2 weeks after signing the contract. The lease price has to be paid up front each month. Thus, the costs of clean, safe and healthy drinking water at our output fee for the customer will be € 0.002774 per liter (2.774000 per M3).

When more units are ordered at once we offer a volume discount of:

4 to 6 units: 2%

More than 6 units: 4%

More than 10 units: 7%

More than 20 units: 10%