The Ecosystem Story

HEPC as humanitarian and environmental project developer.

4x4 in HE projects!

HEPC leverages the deposit 4 times; delivers 4 ecosystems combined; and afterwards donates all to the beneficiary!

Besides being the major investor into humanitarian projects, HEPC is also the leading architect and the guiding force to manage projects that bring humanitarian environmental solutions to large numbers of people in need, thereby assisting their leaders to solve their country's major economic and social problems.

One of the biggest risks that we see occurring as humanitarian environmental investment and development company, is to promise and bring modern solutions to societies but not providing a budget and logistic plan large enough to ensure that it will all get 100% well off the ground.

This not only implies that there will be sufficient necessary funds to operate and maintain the new plants and systems with trained staff over decades to come and to create a closed, but that the combined systems themselves must form an independent and self-sustaining economic cycle.

As you can read here, HEPC will always address the budgetary side of this dilemma during the investment phase, by quadrupling (4x) the original deposit which is committed by the country or state, but only for a limited period, after which it is donated back.

On the logistics side, HEPC has a specific set of measures to overcome realization issues.

The HEPC development approach consists of these characteristics:

  • Extra Budget available (instead of lack of budget)
  • Strict budget control using efficient mobile tools
  • Clearly defined project goals and phases
  • Roles & Responsibilities and end-to-end Project Manager role
  • HEPC independent sustainable closed Ecosystem

  • Extra Budget available (instead of lack of budget).

Conventionally budget constraint issues arise because budgets have been calculated optimistically too low and often because the client decides that the lowest budget is best for their investment and they decide to go with the cheapest providing developer. On HEPC projects this will not occur because by leveraging the client's deposit to a fourfold, there will be room in the budget to keep ample reserves and if at the at the end there are funds still available, they will be spent on other projects with a good cause for the people.

Strict budget control using efficient mobile tools.

And then what usually happens is that, due to many very hard to control factors, such as differences in nationality, laws, distance, language, cultures, administrative processes, the resources that are needed to complete the project turn out to be higher, often much higher and when that has not been foreseen or managed as such, and there is no extra budget available, the whole project will fail miserably.

HEPC management team promotes high tech and is always looking for introducing better but proven tools. HEPC uses Information Technology in the workplace with mobile devices, that are hooked up to central ERP or Enterprise Resource Management and SCM Supply Chain Management systems.

Clearly defined project goals and phases.

HEPC projects will be characterized by and managed according to following phases with clearly defined deliverables:

  • 1. Feasibility Study
  • 2. Analysis
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Construction
  • 5. Testing
  • 6. Go-Live
  • 7. Operations & Maintenance

Roles & Responsibilities and end-to-end Project Manager role.

In order to be successful in projects, the mission, vision and values of HEPC will always weigh more than any benefit of individuals in the organization. These values are translated into a set of roles with responsibilities to be adopted and adhered to by HEPC board, management, staff, employees, contractors, suppliers and clients.

HEPC independent sustainable closed Ecosystem.

Usually countries or states request to tackle only one of the 4 areas for which we provide components, they choose either energy or water or they choose agriculture or livestock, usually based upon habits and culture and what appears to be most needed.

The truth is that in reality these components all rely on each other to function well and independently and sustainable. By not choosing an overall solution and by developing and implementing components independently of each other or even by trying to combine new systems with the risks and faults of existing systems, these all lead to a sub-optimal situation and are doomed to fail.

HEPC addresses these issues by not only taking a different financial position, but also by introducing a total 4 components combined sustainable solution. HEPC has designed the “HEPC Ecosystem”. The HEPC ecosystem is a implementation of combining four main components that are dependent on each other, in terms of inputs and outputs streams of materials that connect them.

Hereafter please watch the video explaining a high level of the working of the HEPC Ecosystem.

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