About Us

HEPC Owners

Wim Belt


Wim Belt is a passionate entrepreneur, who has a broad experience in entrepreneurship. After establishing different businesses in internet marketing and high level training/coaching of entrepreneurs he decided to make a difference in the world by investing in water management and sustainable energy in developing countries. Together with Kees de Haan, Wim is the founder of HEPC. Currently he has the position of CEO.

Kees de Haan


Kees de Haan is an experienced entrepreneur, who is determined to make a difference in the world in the developing countries, especially in the environmental and humanitarian field. He worked for a long time as an independent member of the KRVE in the port of Rotterdam and was elected in the board. He was commissioner for the safety department amongst other responsibilities. Together with Wim Belt he is the founder of HEPC and has the position of CFO.


HEPC specializes in developing million euro projects all over the world in different areas such as Water Management, Bio energy, Re-usable Energy, Agriculture, Cattle Breeding, Hospitals, Real Estate. HEPC works together with numerous specialist/partners and investors all over Europe. All these partners have experience in executing projects on different continents. The mission of HEPC is to make a better world by solving worldwide problems such as clean water management, alternative energy, garbage, healthcare and poverty reduction. HEPC accomplishes this mission in two ways. First we use innovative technology with high standards on environment and usability. Additionally, a large part of our profits is always used to develop the country even further. This means we use the profits in further projects within the country, i.e. by investing in education, employment and housing.